08 Drakensberg

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drakensberg logoThe Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School is one of the few South African schools whose fame extends around the world. This school offers a unique educational opportunity for children; it stimulates a boy’s spirit of adventure and exploration in the physical surroundings of the school while nurturing the development of the mind and expression in innate musical talent.

drakensberg boysThe Choir School, set on a 100 acre estate, draws its inspiration from the idyllic environment of the Champagne Valley, Central Drakensberg World Heritage Site, which is filled, daily, with the sound of young boys singing, surely one of the purest expressions of musical delights in the world. The school boasts a 500 seater auditorium which is filled to near capacity during the weekly Wednesday concerts and music festivals throughout the year.

For more information about the Drakensberg Boys Choir, you can visit: https://dbchoir.com/

Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort

Drakensberg SunOnly 4 ½ hours from Johannesburg and 2 ½ hours from Durban, the Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort offers a host of indoor and outdoor activities to keep the whole family, and even business travelers, entertained.

Accommodation is luxuriously rustic with rich wooden finishes that compliment the resorts wooded surrounds. Rooms offer spaciously cozy living with a variety of room options to choose from. With the view of the berg and the resort’s dam just outside your window, one cannot help but be taken away by the splendor of its location.

For more information on the Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort, you can visit: https://www.tsogosun.com/drakensberg-sun-resort?utm_source=google&utm_medium=businesslisting&utm_campaign=resort_drakensberg-sun-resort

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