12 Peri-Peri Paradise

Destination Info: Maputo Mozambique

12. Peri-Peri Paradise

As Paul and Terence sail around the spectacular Inhaca Island on a 80 foot Catamaran, it’s clear that after being ravaged by a brutal civil war for 22 years, Mozambique, with its palm trees, tropical climate, unspoilt beaches and warm people (not to mention it’s fabulous seafood!) is now once again a Mecca for tourists. While Paul scuba dives the coral reefs, Terence sails into Maputo harbour, rum cocktail in hand, (served by a blonde, obviously!) to bask in Mozambican colonial luxury. Paul then makes the same journey but with a much rougher mode of transport. Relieved that the rusty local ferry made it across Maputo bay, he joins Terence as they explore the steamy Latin and African mix of cultures that make up the sexy capital city of Mozambique.

Nowhere are these influences more evident than in the exciting array of food and drink on offer; icy caipirinhas crammed with limes, piping hot chicken peri-peri cooked at the roadside, fish markets with the biggest prawns you’ve ever seen and, Paul’s favourite, rum and raspberry cocktail served in a freshly opened coconut. In fact, Paul drinks enough of it to be late for Terence’s very smooth peri-peri prawns dinner at the 5-star Polana Hotel.

Episode Specific Credits:

Appearance by
Goncalo Mabunda
Chef Evans Magati
Matshepo Maja
Dionisio Mario
Iva Mavie
Izidine Matlombe
Sydney Mazie
Poezedin Jose

Special thanks to
INAC (Instituto Nacional Dde Audiovisual E Cinema)
Polana Serena Hotel
Mozambique Charters – ‘Scubedobedoo Catamaran’
Aquarium Tours
Grupo Despontivo De Maputo
Polana Serena Hotel Staff
Goncalo Mabunda
Patricia Marques
Maria Mortar
Joao Ribeiro
Danilo Mussa
Lebone Maema

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