02 Mayhem in the Malutis

Destination Info: Clarens & Afriski

2. Mayhem in the Malutis

It is winter in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho, the mountainous country land-locked by South Africa – once the kingdom of the great chief Moshweshwe. Terence wrapped in furs, rides a Basotho Pony through heavy snow as Paul sweeps past on his snowboard – This is what happens when you mix snow and Africa. Madness! Just over the mountains, in South Africa’s vast province of the Free State, Terence tries out a local version of Afro-Germanic Gluwein – in a fairytale castle. To ward off the cold, this European classic gets some South African flavour with the addition of locally grown cherries, porcupine quills and a lot of attitude.

Back in Lesotho the next day he learns that ski instructors make great snowmen models. Paul hits the slopes with the pros by day and the backpackers for strip poker and tequila by night. After the infamous upside-downers, a performance in the resort’s “Cabaret” they hope nobody will remember and a lot of schnapps, they light a bonfire to thank the snow Gods and hopefully burn away their sins.

Episode Specific Credits:

Appearances by
Wimpie van Schalkwyk
Dale Andrews
Jan Linze Veenstra
Ondrej Panek
Alex Heath
Lee Bredenkamp
Abigail Moreland
Jean Pascal
David Hofmeyr
Wesley du Plessis
Danton Stevens

Special thanks to
Afriski Ski and Mountain Resort
Castle in Clarens

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