03 Snoek Chic

Destination Info: Kalk Bay

3. Snoek Chic 

Just outside Cape Town, nestled between steep mountains and the chilly waters of False Bay, lies picturesque Kalk Bay, where Terence grew up. This historical fishing village is renowned for its antique shops, fine dining and snoek, a fish related to the barracuda, which appears every year in large schools. This is known as the snoek run and is a bonanza for the local fishermen like Terence’s Uncle Ernie who helps the boys catch one off his boat. Suleiga, the first mate’s wife then cooks it perfectly according to a family recipe passed down through generations of fishermen. This is Cape Malay cuisine; spicy eastern influences brought to Africa centuries ago on slave ships.

The next morning, in the pre dawn darkness, a typically underdressed Paul, takes the train from his beachfront budget accommodation to surf the world-renowned Kalk Bay reef. Terence having surveyed the sunrise from the battlements of his luxury five star castle, wanders down to the village to reminisce, bake bread, look at blondes, drag Paul through some shopping and do sundowners at one of Cape Town’s favourite pubs before catching a friend’s show at the theatre. A morning hike up the mountains to the Kalk Bay caves leaves Terence breathless but both boys inspired.

Episode Specific Credits:

Appearances by
Gaetan Schmidt
Legga and Nazeem
Maggie Corker
Drazako ‘Papy’ Lema
Tracey Dilley

Special thanks to
Colona Castle
The Beach Lodge
The Kalk Bay Harbour
The Kalk Bay Theatre
Gypsy Trading
Kalk Bay Trading Post
The Brass Bell
The crew of ‘Zorba’
Simon Cooper
Gaetan Schmidt
Emmie, Kevin and Sarah De Roche
Ernie and Joyce De Roche

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